Training is the acquisition of Knowledge,Skills,and Competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.Training has specific goals of improving one's capability,capacity,and performance,which leads to meet the Organizational Goal.

We also provide Training to our employees or candidates also if they requires. Types of Training

  • On the Job Training

  • Off the Job Training
On the Job Training:

On the job training is when employess receive training while remaining in the workplace. The main methods of On the Job Training: 

  • Demonstration/Instruction-Showing the trainee how to do the job.

  • Coaching-a more intensive method of training that involves a close working relationship between experienced Employee and the Trainee.

  • Job Rotation-where the trainee is given several jobs in succession, to gain experience of wide range of activities.

  • Projects-Employees join a project team,which gives them exposure to other parts of the business and allow them to take part in new activities.Most successful project teams are "Multi-Disciplinary".

  • Off the Job Training:

    Off the Job Training includes lectures,special study,audio visual conferences or discussions, case studies,role playing,simulation,programmed instructions,and laboratory trainings. Some time we can give training by motivation and examples.


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